Interesting Facts about the Kaaba

The Holy Kaaba lies in the center of Mecca and is a sacred place for Muslims worldwide. The Holy Kaaba is referred to as the house of Allah SWT, and millions of Muslims visit the holy site to pray to the one and only God. While many people know of the Holy Kaaba, they know little to nothing about its origins, importance, and so on. Keeping this in mind, this blog will highlight some interesting facts about the Kaaba, like what is inside the Kaaba, who built the Kaaba, etc.

The Holy Kaaba was Constructed Numerous Times

The Holy Kaaba was reconstructed by Prophet Abraham (Peace be Upon Him) and his son Ishmael (Peace be Upon Him) and later underwent a major construction under the supervision of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him). The Kaaba last underwent construction in 1996, when many of its stones were replaced, and the foundation was strengthened.

The Holy Kaaba has Two Doors and a Window

The Holy Kaaba had two doors, one for entering and one for exiting. The Holy Kaaba also had a window, but now it has just one large door. Albeit, the Holy Kaaba has a hidden door not meant for public access or viewing.

The Holy Site was Multicolored

Unlike today, the Holy Kaaba was not covered by black cloth. Covering the Holy Kaaba with black cloth started with the Abbasid dynasty. Before the Abbasids, the Kaaba was colored in different colored cloths, like red, white, and green.

Not Everyone Can Enter the Holy Kaaba

The Holy Kaaba was open to everyone, but that is no longer the case. The Holy Kaaba can only be accessed by presidents, prime ministers, or Saudi kings.

Pray in Any Direction in the Holy Kaaba

While Muslims turn to the Holy Kaaba during prayer, that is not the case inside the structure. Any Muslim in the Holy Kaaba can pray in any direction.

There are Two Holy Kaabas

The Holy Kaaba has an exact replica in the heavens right where it is located, as was mentioned by Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) and the Holy Quran. This revelation was made when Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) visited Allah SWT in heaven during the Isra wal Miraj. There, the beloved Prophet saw God’s house and was informed by Gabriel that it houses 70,000 angels daily that pray to Almighty God.

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The Black Stone is broken into Pieces

The black stone located at the eastern part of the Holy Kaaba is broken into pieces but is held together in a silver casing. Most scholars agree the black stone was damaged during the siege of Mecca by the Qarmatians, who also held the sacred rock for ransom in East Arabia. Fortunately, the Abbasid caliph recovered the black stone, and it was held together by encasing it in silver. It is worth noting some historians believe there are still pieces of the black stone that are missing to this day.

The Kaaba has Plaques Inside

The interior of the Kaaba is lined with green cloth and marble on the upper walls. The walls also house plaques for those responsible for rebuilding the Kaaba every time it was reconstructed.

The Kaaba was Originally Rectangular in Shape

Most Muslims as well are not aware of the fact that the Kaaba was originally rectangular in shape. When the Kaaba was rebuilt a while before the Prophet received his first revelation, the Quraysh agreed to rebuild the Kaaba using halal income.

Since the Quraysh could not put together the required amount of funds to rebuild the Kaaba like it was, they settled with having a smaller and cubicle-shaped Kaaba. The Kaaba was surrounded by a wall to mark its original dimensions. Unfortunately, despite the Prophet’s best intentions, he could not rebuild the Kaaba as he left this plane for the final abode.

It goes without saying the Kaaba is an integral part of Islam since it acts as a unifying symbol that keeps Muslims connected. While Muslims may be disconnected, the Kaaba reminds them that they share a heritage and will continue to do so until the Day of Judgment.

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