Interesting Facts about Allah SWT

While many people know quite a bit about Islam and Muslims, they know little to nothing about its God, referred to as Allah SWT. Many non-Muslims have questions like: Is Allah God, who is Allah in Bible, and what do terms like Allah Akbar, Masha Allah, and Insha Allah mean. Fortunately, this blog will answer all of these questions and more.

Is Allah God?

Unfortunately, many people refer to Allah as a Muslim God, but what they do not realize is that Allah SWT is no Arabian God. The term Allah refers to God, but unlike its English counterpart, the Arabic word has no plurals. While the plural for God is Gods, there is no plural for the word Allah. Additionally, the word used to describe God does not have a gender. Once again, in the English language, there are words like God or Goddess, but that is not the case with the Arabic word Allah.

Allah is Unlike Any Other Being

In the Quran, it is stated that Allah SWT is unlike any other being in this universe or beyond. In fact, Allah is the only being of his kind that has no beginning or no end. Allah SWT has no family nor has any equal. Essentially, Allah SWT is the supreme being that is only worthy of worship. Due to Allah SWT’s supremacy and authority, Muslims tend to use the term, Allah Akbar, meaning Allah is Great.

Allah Can Create Anything out of Nothing

One of the most beautiful things about Allah SWT is the fact that he can create anything out of nothing. Allah SWT simply needs to state his desire, and it becomes a reality by his command. The Quran refers to Allah SWT as the creator, stating it is an absolute truth that cannot be denied.

Allah is the Most Merciful

While Allah SWT is powerful and mighty, he loves his creation. Allah SWT loves his creation so much that he is willing to forgive his creation as long as they beg for forgiveness. Allah SWT’s love knows no bounds, and if he was not merciful, mankind would be punished for the simplest of sins. Allah SWT gives his creation chances so that they can get back on the right path and can forgive almost everything, except for Shirk, i.e., associating a partner with his authority.

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Allah has 99 Names

For those wondering what Allah means, they need not look further than his names. Yes, Allah SWT has 99 names that clearly define his supreme attributes.

Allah has no personal name and instead has names that identify his attributes. Allah is referred to as Lord of the Worlds, the Almighty, the Most Merciful the King, the Creator, and more in the Holy Quran.

Allah is eternal and has complete authority over everything. In fact, nothing happens without his approval, which is why Muslims say Insha Allah when they plan to do something in the future. Moreover, if all goes according to plan, Muslims use terms like Alhamdulilah (Thanks be to Allah) or Masha Allah (It is as Allah wills). 

Is Allah in the Bible?

The Arabic word Allah means “The God”, and all Muslims and some Christians will agree they worship the same God, but their understandings differ.

Christians from the Middle East refer to God as Allah, with the Gideon Bibles referring to God by this name on numerous instances.

The Quran states that the God of the Muslims, Jews, and Christians is one and the same. However, the Quran clearly states that God has no son, and every believer must follow all his Prophets, including Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Remember, according to the Quran, Allah is not a trinity of three individuals, nor is he partial towards one race of people. Allah SWT belongs to everyone, and claiming that the Quran’s God is different from that of the Bible’s is like arguing that Jesus from the Quran is different from that of the Bible. While there are differences, it is the same person.  

Allah SWT is a being worthy of worship, as his characteristics and traits define a being that is much more than what mankind could comprehend, let alone imagine. Allah SWT is everywhere and has no physical features, which should explain why there are no images or idols of him in Islam. Allah has no face, but he sees and hears all. What Allah SWT looks like, nobody knows, but believers of God can rest knowing they can count on him for support and guidance when all else fails.

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