Story of Prophet Lut AS (Lot) in Islam

Prophet Lut AS was the nephew of Prophet Ibrahim AS. According to Islamic scriptures, he was born in Haran and spent his time traveling to faraway places with his uncle. On one of these journeys, he received the news of prophethood and became a messenger to the people of Sodom. This blog will discuss the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, their destruction, and the lessons from the story of Lut AS.

The Cities Of Sin

After receiving the news of prophethood, Prophet Lut AS immediately migrated to the city of Sodom to turn its people back towards Allah SWT and put a stop to their atrocious activities. There were four other cities in the region where Sodom was situated, but Sodom was the largest in every aspect, i.e., prosperity, population, heinous acts, and crime rate.

Everyone from this nation engaged in unspeakable activities, but their major sin was homosexuality, which meant that they had sexual relationships with the same gender. Not only did the people engage in these activities in broad daylight, but they were also very proud of them and openly talked about it. The people of Lut were the first to introduce homosexuality to the world, and no other nation had committed these sins before them.

Preaching Islam Among Sin

As per the command of Allah SWT, Prophet Lut migrated and settled in these communities. He was well aware of the fact that these communities were the most terrible of their time, but he hoped and prayed to Allah SWT to show these people the error of their doings and to turn them towards Islam. He asked the city’s men if they would not fear Allah SWT. He said he is a trustworthy messenger, so they should fear Allah SWT and obey him.’ He also clarified that he does not ask for any kind of reward, as his reward is with the lords of the world, i.e., Allah SWT.

The Issue Of Homosexuality

Then he raised the issue of homosexuality and asked the nation, Why do the men of his nation lust after men, leaving the wives that Allah SWT has created for them? Certainly, they were transgressing. But the people became angry and threatened that he would be expelled from the city if he didn’t cease his preaching. The people also mocked Prophet Lut AS and said to him that he could bring Allah SWT’s punishment upon them. Even after this threat, Prophet Lut PBUH responded that he truly despised their shameful practices.

Arrival Of The Angels

After this conversation, Prophet Lut AS tried his best to convince the people to enter the fold of Islam, but no one restrained them from their activities. In response to their unwavering disbelief, the Prophet turned to Allah SWT and sought his help by saying, Oh Lord! Protect me and my family from the consequences of what the nation is doing.

In the meantime, Allah SWT sent three to Prophet Ibrahim’s AS house. These angels appeared as three handsome and well-dressed men. To welcome his guests, Prophet Ibrahim AS prepared a fat-roasted calf. But when the angels did not eat the food, he became suspicious and fearful of them. (In the ancient Middle Eastern culture, if guests refused to eat the food provided by the host, it was considered a sign of ill-will). But the angels reassured him that he should not be afraid and that they were angels sent only against the people of Lot. They gave him some good tidings and told him about the near destruction of the nation of Lut.

When Prophet Ibrahim AS. heard this, he became worried for his nephew. The angels reassure him that Prophet Lut AS and his family will be kept safe, except for his wife, who was one of the wrongdoers and hence was among the doomed. After the angels departed from the house of Prophet Ibrahim AS, they came to Prophet Lut AS. Knowing the fate these men will face at the hands of men of his nation, Prophet Lut AS quietly led them to their home, ensuring no one saw them.

When they entered his home, Prophet Lut AS expressed his worry about their arrival. But the angels told him the same thing: they told Prophet Ibrahim AS that they were here to destroy the city, and his family would be protected except for his wife.

Disrespect Of The Guests

While all this was happening, Prophet Lut’s AS wife, a disbeliever, ran to the city and told the men that her husband had three handsome men at home. At this news, the nation’s men rejoiced and gathered outside his home.

Tired of the crowd, Prophet Lut AS pleaded with the people that these people were his guests and to not embarrass him in front of them. In response, the crowd questioned Lut if they had not forbidden him to entertain anyone.

Prophet Lut AS answered by saying to the men that his daughters (the single women of his nation) were here, and they could all marry them if they wished. But the men did not pay him heed; instead, they replied that the Prophet knew what they desired.

He became helpless against the wrongdoers and responded that if only he had the strength to resist the corrupt people or had a strong supporter to rely on,

At this, the three men (angels) replied that they were the messengers of the Lord and none of these horrible people would ever come near him. Furthermore, the angels instructed the Prophet to leave in the dark of night and not let any member of his family look back, except for his wife, who would suffer the same fate as the rest of the people of his nation. And the appointed time of the destruction was the morning.

The Annihilation Of Sodom and Gomorrah

Prophet Lut AS left with his family, and at sunrise, an awful cry overtook the city, leaving the occupants in great fear and pain. Moreover, it is also mentioned in a Quranic verse that after this horrendous cry, Allah SWT turned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah upside down, and clustered stones of baked clay were rained upon the cities, destroying everyone and everything.

Today, the location of these cities lies in the vicinity of the Dead Sea and serves as a reminder of Allah’s SWT wrath on the people who defy his commands. The crime of the people of Sodom left such a big mark on history that now the word sodomy refers to having same-gender sexual relationships.

Conclusion from the Story of Prophet Lut

The story of Prophet Lot AS in the Quran, highlights the end of wickedness, teaches us a lesson about morality, and draws a clear line between good and bad. Going against Allah SWT and ridiculing or abusing others in any way never has a good outcome.

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  1. Exanctly, look at the current situations. It seems same. People are okay with the homosexuality and don’t even care that this is the against of the will of Allah SW.

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