Interesting Stories of the Prophets

The Islamic Prophets were remarkable people sent by Allah to different communities to serve as spiritual leaders and propagate the religion of Islam. Although only 26 Prophets are specifically named in the Qur’an, many more are widely recognized.

The Qur’an is also full of wonderful stories about the Prophets that teach important lessons. These narrations have played a significant role in the development of Islamic history and provide us with valuable insight into many of the challenges we encounter in our day-to-day lives.

The Prophets showed us how to receive Allah’s immense kindness most effectively and remain steadfast in our faith no matter how terrible things were. With that said, here are five stories from Prophets that teach us important life lessons that may benefit everyone.

1. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) – Spreading the Word of Allah

When Prophet Ibrahim received the commandment from Allah to become the messenger for the people of his town, he was given a mission; to lead his people to Allah, the One True God, by calling them to the Truth.

Ibrahim knew that the people of his village were about to go on a long journey to partake in a massive feast. To fulfill his prophetic duty, Ibrahim (AS) entered their temple and destroyed all of the idols except the greatest one.

Townsfolk who returned were shocked to find out what had happened. Their Idols were in ruins. When they found out what had transpired, they planned on setting fire to his body as punishment. 

The news spread quickly, so thousands of people from all over the kingdom traveled to the location to watch the execution. Ibrahim’s wrists and feet were tied together, and he was placed in a massive catapult that would launch him into a fire.

Angel Jibreel (AS) appeared before Ibrahim (AS) at that time and asked, “Is there anything you wish for?” In response, Ibrahim (AS) said all he wanted was Allah’s approval. When Allah instructed the fire to be calm and kind to Ibrahim, it complied by burning nothing but Ibrahim’s shackles.

Without so much as a drop of sweat or a whiff of smoke on his shirt, Ibrahim emerged from the blaze. Astonished onlookers cried out, “Ibrahim’s God has spared him from the flames!”

2. Prophet Sulaiman (AS) – Testings of Prosperity and Fame

One of the prophets who was given wealth and a lovely kingdom to reign was Sulaiman. During one period, an ant existed, and he could communicate with it in its own language. The ant’s finest traits included selflessness and prioritizing the welfare of her kingdom over her own.

There was a time when Sulaiman (AS) and his army of jinn, humans, and birds were making their way toward the ant colony. After learning that the army was on its way, the ant realized it would be nearly impossible to stop them. She warned her neighbors about the impending calamity so that they could all take shelter. 

After that, the prophet could hear the pleading of the very small ant with the assistance of Allah. After hearing the ants’ plea, the prophet praised Allah for the numerous benefits He had bestowed upon him, including his ability to interpret animals. He promptly ordered his soldiers to reverse their direction to avoid destroying the ant houses.

3. Prophet Yousuf (AS) – Keeping the Faith and Showing Patience

Much can be gained from studying the life of Yusuf (AS)since he is shown as an example of a suffering believer who maintained their patience and loyalty to their God despite their circumstances.

Brothers of Yusuf (AS) devised a scheme to eliminate him while he was young out of jealousy. Then, he was thrown into a well and abandoned there. Because of this, he was forced to spend years apart from his adoring father, was sold into slavery, and taken to jail for a crime he did not commit.

After that ordeal, the prophet passed all of life’s trials and tribulations by remaining patient and always remembering Allah. Even after experiencing so much suffering, he still prevailed because of his perseverance, bravery, and faith in Allah.

The only people who will ever comprehend that God has decreed everything that occurs to a person are the ones who are genuinely patient and who depend on Him alone. It’s important to keep picking ourselves up after falling and having “sabr” even when things get tough.

4. Prophet Ayub (AS) – Having Patience in the Face of Adversity

One of the numerous stories that are recounted in the Quran is one that relates to how the Ayub (AS) dealt with the trials that Allah sent his way by showing patience, resilience, and perseverance. 

He was a revered and honorable servant who had been showered with many gifts and riches but who afterwards endured unimaginable pain and illness for a long time and lost everyone he loved except for his wife.

The only parts of him that were unaffected by his sickness were his tongue and heart, which he used to continually implore Allah in prayer. With his little power left, Ayub (AS) would repeatedly laud and honor his Lord by supplicating Duas.

After he prayed earnestly to Allah, He heard his plea. After much persistence and determination, Allah once again provided for Prophet Ayub’s needs. His health, riches, and children were all restored, and he received more blessings.

5. Prophet Yunus (AS) – There is Always a Way Out If We Have Faith

The vast city of Nineveh had fallen into idolatry and wickedness, so God sent the Yunus (AS) there to preach. However, the city’s residents did not accept him, just as many other nations had previously done with earlier messengers.

Upon realizing he had failed to accomplish his goal, he left dejected. The next day, he embarked on a ship and sailed away from the city. After getting out to sea, a huge storm became bigger, and the ship sank. 

Yunus (AS) was the one picked in a three-way random lottery to abandon the ship. However, something remarkable occurred in the water. After swallowing Yunus whole in Allah’s direction, the whale dove to the ocean floor.

However, it wasn’t until he was completely hopeless and surrounded by blackness that he had a transformation. He was a devout guy who had been called to be a prophet, yet he still prayed to Allah because he knew that Allah, and not he, was in charge of everything.

The whale surfaced and spat Yunus (AS) out onto the beach. With Allah’s assistance, a plant grew above the prophet to provide him with shelter from the sun. Eventually, he could put the incident behind him and return to Nineveh, where he learned that the city and its inhabitants had survived the dreadful storm because they had all converted to Islam.

Wrapping Up

We pray that the lives of some of the Prophets have encouraged you to grow stronger and more resilient every day. Many additional lessons may be drawn from the prophets’ lives. After all, the Lord has promised that life’s difficulties are fleeting and will eventually be lifted from us.

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    1. السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ ٱللَّهِ وَبَرَكاتُهُ
      I have taken ,the article of prophet Yunus (AS) for my College magazine . May Allah reward the writer and me ,when each one reads and reflect . Ameen

  1. Alhamdulilah for the stories they really inspires in to learn more about the islamic religion..may Allah bless the writer..

  2. Mashallah this app always impresses me may allah reward you for your work and it would be amazing if you guys add more prophets stories and in more detail

  3. Mashallah this app always impresses me may allah reward you for your work and it would be amazing if you guys add more prophets stories and in more detail that would be amazing

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  5. جزى الله الكاتب والقارئ خير الجزاء

    It was stated above that 26 prophet were mentioned in the Quran instead of 25 . Pls more explanation is needed . From my own side these are the 25 prophets mentioned: Adam, Idris , Nuh ,Hud , Saleh , Lut , Ibrahim ,Ismail , Ishaq , Yaqub ,Yusuf ,Shu’aib , Ayyub , Dhulkifl , Muse , Harun (, Dawud , Sulayman , Ilyas , Alyasa , Yunus , Zakariya ,Yahya , Isa and Muhammad (May peace and blessings be upon them )

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