What Is Surah Muzammil About?

Surah Muzammil, or Surah Al-Muzammil is the seventy-third chapter of the Quran. It contains twenty verses and is a Mekkan surah. The word Muzammil is derived from the Arabic language and translates to one who is wrapped in garments or the enshrouded one. It is believed that the name refers to the Prophet’s practice of wrapping himself in a cloak and praying at night. The surah touches on the themes of the day of judgment, hellfire, and strength in difficult situations.

Reason For Revelation

The first nineteen verses of this surah were revealed in the early days when the Prophet PBUH started spreading Islam. They were revealed to guide and support Prophet Muhammad PBUH during a critical and challenging phase of his life. Moreover, Surah Muzammil highlights praying at night and engaging in the recitation of the Quran in a measured and distinct manner. This surah was meant to fortify the Prophet PBUH against the opposition from the disbelievers.

Benefits of Surah Muzammil

  • Surah Muzammil brings spiritual upliftment and a sense of tranquility as one recites and reflects upon the meaning of the surah. It provides a heightened sense of spiritual connection by emphasizing the night prayers.
  • If an individual knows the meaning of Surah Muzammil and recites it in the prayers, it can improve his salah and foster a closer connection with the Almighty.
  • Reciting this surah can be a spiritual barrier to any harm.
  • It helps to increase good deeds, decrease sins, and gain the pleasure of Allah.
  • As Surah Muzammil was revealed during a difficult phase of the Prophet’s life, it helps to increase one’s strength in dealing with difficulties and remaining steadfast in the face of adversity.

Surah Muzammil In Hadiths

Ibn Abbas RA narrated that when the opening verses of Surah Muzammil were revealed, the companions of the Prophet PBUH used to pray as long as they prayed during Ramazan until its last verses were revealed. And the period of revelation between its opening and last verses was one year. [Sunan Abi Dawud 1305]

Transliteration of Surah Muzammil

 Ya aiyuhal muzzammil Qumil laila illaa qaleelaa Nisfahooo awinqus minhu qaleelaa Aw zid ‘alaihi wa rattilil Qur’aana tarteela Innaa sanulqee ‘alaika qawlan saqeelaa Inn naashi’atal laili hiya ashadddu wat anw wa aqwamu qeelaa Inna laka fin nahaari sabhan taweelaa Wazkuris ma rabbika wa tabattal ilaihi tabteelaa Rabbul mashriqi wal maghriibi laaa ilaaha illaa Huwa fattakhizhu wakeelaa Wasbir ‘alaa maa yaqoo loona wahjurhum hajran jameelaa Wa zarnee walmukaz zibeena ulin na’mati wa mahhilhum qaleelaa Inna ladainaaa ankaalanw wa jaheemaa Wa ta’aaman zaa ghussa tinw wa’azaaban aleemaa Yawma tarjuful ardu waljibaalu wa kaanatil jibaalu kaseebam maheelaa Innaa arsalnaaa ilaikum rasoolan shaahidan ‘aleykum kamaaa arsalnaaa ilaa Fir’awna rasoolaa Fa’asaa Fir’awnur Rasoola fa akhaznaahu akhzanw wabeelaa

Fakaifa tattaqoona in kafartum yawmany yaj’alul wildaana sheeba Assamaaa’u munfatirum bih; kaana wa’duhoo maf’oola Inna haazihee tazkiratun fa man shaaa’at takhaza ilaa Rabbihee sabeelaa Inna Rabbaka ya’lamu annaka taqoomu adnaa min sulusa yil laili wa nisfahoo wa sulusahoo wa taaa’ifatum minal lazeena ma’ak; wal laahu yuqaddirul laila wanna haar; ‘alima al lan tuhsoohu fataaba ‘alaikum faqra’oo maa tayassara minal quraan; ‘alima an sa yakoonu minkum mardaa wa aakharoona yadriboona fil ardi yabtaghoona min fadlil laahi wa aakharoona yuqaatiloona fee sabeelil laahi faqra’oo ma tayassara minhu wa aqeemus salaata wa aatuz zakaata wa aqridul laaha qardan hasanaa; wa maa tuqadimoo li anfusikum min khairin tajidoohu ‘indal laahi huwa khayranw wa a’zama ajraa; wastaghfirul laahaa innal laaha ghafoorur raheem.

Translation of Surah Muzammil

O thou wrapped up in thy raiment! Keep vigil the night long, save a little- A half thereof, or abate a little thereof Or add (a little) thereto – and chant the Qur’an in measure, For we shall charge thee with a word of weight. Lo! the vigil of the night is (a time) when impression are more keen and speech is more certain. Lo! thou hast by day a chain of business. So remember the name of thy Lord and devote thyself with a complete devotion – Lord of the East and the West; there is no God save Him; so choose thou Him alone for thy defender – And bear with patience what they utter, and part from them with a fair leave-taking. Leave Me to deal with the deniers, lords of ease and comfort (in this life); and do thou respite them awhile. Lo! with Us are heavy fetters and a raging fire, And food which choketh (the partaker), and a painful doom On the day when the earth and the hills rock, and the hills become a heap of running sand.

Lo! We have sent unto you a messenger as witness against you, even as We sent unto Pharaoh a messenger. But Pharaoh rebelled against the messenger, whereupon We seized him with no gentle grip. Then how, if ye disbelieve, will ye protect yourselves upon the day which will turn children grey, The very heaven being then rent asunder. His promise is to be fulfilled. Lo! This is a reminder. Let him who will, then, choose a way unto his Lord. Lo! thy Lord knoweth how thou keepest vigil sometimes nearly two-thirds of the night, or (sometimes) half or a third thereof, as do a party of those with thee. Allah measures the night and the day.

He knoweth that you count it not and turneth unto you in mercy. Recite, then, of the Qur’an that which is easy for you. He knows that there are sick folk among you, while others travel in the land in search of Allah’s bounty, and others (still) are fighting for the cause of Allah. So recite of it that which is easy (for you), and establish worship and pay the poor-due, and (so) lend unto Allah a goodly loan. Whatever good you send before you for your souls, you will surely find it with Allah, better and greater in the recompense. And seek forgiveness of Allah. Lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful.

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