Where did Islam Originate?

While Muslims better understand Islam and its origins, some non-Muslims are unaware of its origins. Additionally, most people do not understand that Islam is God’s chosen religion for humanity and was sent down via Prophets over time. In fact, the religion of Islam was concluded by Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him). To learn more about the origin of Islam and how it was concluded by Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him), read on.

Origins of Islam

As mentioned earlier, God chose Islam for humanity and was sent down in bits and pieces as required. The reason why God mentions prophets like Moses, Jesus, and so on in the Holy Quran has to do with the fact that they, too, are Muslims. The prophets that preceded Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) prayed to the same God and preached the same religion.

Unfortunately, followers of the prophets before Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) added new information to the guidance provided to them. Eventually, those followers created entirely new religions.

Simply put, Prophet Adam (Peace be Upon Him) was the first Prophet of Islam, and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) was the last messenger of Islam (i.e., belief in the fundamental principles of Tawheed, Prophethood and Messengership, Angels, Paradise and Hell, the Afterlife, etc.). After the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him), no other messenger will be sent for guidance. However, Prophet Isa (AS) will be sent back to end Dajjal (the Anti-Christ) and lead humanity toward a peaceful era.

When Prophet Isa (AS) returns, he will get to live his life, which includes getting married and having children. Jesus will live in this world for 40 years, after which he will leave this plane. Upon Jesus’ demise, he will be buried next to Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him).

Completion of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) was chosen to complete Islam, and God gave him the Holy Quran through the angel Hazrat Jibrael (also known as Gabriel). The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) would often head to Hira’s cave to meditate, where he received his first divine revelation. Over the years, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) started preaching in Mecca, which eventually led to conflict. To avoid bloodshed, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) and his followers migrated to Yathrib, later renamed Medina.  

After migrating to Medina, Islam began to spread quickly, which was unacceptable to the people of Mecca. Eventually, this led to attacks by the Meccans, leading to battles like Badr and Uhad. Despite all attempts to thwart Islam, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) succeeded and took control of Mecca after its surrender. It is worth noting that Mecca surrendered without any bloodshed or force.

By his death, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) was able to take control of the western coast of the Arabian Peninsula. And after his death, his beloved companions carried the message of Islam through the known world.

So, for those wondering where did Islam originate, the short answer is Mecca. But Islam is just as old as humanity, if not older. Islam is a way of life, a religion of peace that encourages its followers to worship only one God, believe in all the messengers of God, and live by the five pillars of Islam. Islam is not a complicated religion; it aims to prepare believers for this life and the next. Most importantly, it was chosen for humanity and was concluded with God’s mercy to humankind, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him).

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    1. Islam is a great religion indeed.Thanks to God almighty for guiding us to this religion in which and for which we live .Peace be on our prophet Mohammed.

  2. Awesome written briefly and very sweetly ❤️.. Even I’m also muslim. I lv Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)❤️🌹👑

  3. No doubt Islam is the God’s chosen religion & our faith in Almighty takes us further to reinforce our Love for human being. It is month of Ramadan & we see more Brittle passion during Tareewah each nigh though this part of world is having difficult weather even now, Allan -O- Akbar

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