When did Islam Begin?

Many people, including Muslims, believe that Islam began in 610 AD. While Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) did receive his first revelation in 610 AD, there is more to Islam’s beginnings than meets the eye. Fortunately, this blog will provide a quick overview of Islam’s origins and elaborate on why its beginnings can be traced to the birth of Adam and Eve.

When did Islam Actually Begin?

On paper, Islam is around 1400 years old, but it is much older than that.

It is worth noting that Islam, which means to submit to God, is a religion that started with Prophet Adam (Peace be Upon Him). Islam was concluded by Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him), making him the last messenger of God.

Since Islam started with Prophet Adam and was completed by Prophet Muhammad, the prophets that came in between were Muslims.

Every Prophet was sent with guidance from God, some even receiving holy books to share with their nations. While prophets were sent for their specific nations, the beauty of Prophet Muhammad was that he was sent for all humankind.

Why wasn’t Allah Mentioned Before?

Now, countless individuals debate that if Islam started with Adam, why did the other prophets not refer to God as Allah? The answer is simple: Allah is an Arabic word that means The God.

Since all the prophets believed in the one true God, just as Muslims do, they were all Muslims. Every Prophet practiced monotheism, and this can be better understood with the teachings of Prophet Moses, Prophet Jesus, Prophet David, and so on.

Every Prophet preached the oneness of God, and they all verified their predecessors. The prophets also informed their nations of the coming of Prophet Muhammad since he would be charged with completing Islam by the will of God. Unfortunately, the teachings and books of the prophets were changed by people to suit their causes.

Verses in the Quran that Verify Islam’s Beginning

The Holy Quran provides guidance and extensive details about Islam’s beginnings. Individuals that wish to verify whether Islam started with Prophet Adam and concluded with Prophet Muhammad should review the following verses from the Holy Quran:

  • The Holy Quran 42:13
  • The Holy Quran 3:85

Hopefully, this blog will have answered all those questions that may have plagued believers and scholars about when Islam began. If there are questions or concerns, leave a comment below.

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  2. Thanks .
    I really enjoyed using this app and am very excited and pleased to memorize quran here with all of you .

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