What does Ramadan Mean?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar when Muslims fast and abstain from certain activities to celebrate God’s blessings and the revelation of the Holy Quran through the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him). However, this blog will focus explicitly on the meaning of Islam instead of the religious obligations that need to be carried out by Muslims. To learn more about the meaning of Ramadan, read on.

Origin of the Word Ramadan

Ramadan is derived from the word “Ramida (رمض),” meaning dryness or scorched heat. Ramida is derived from the verb “Ramada”, which means to be baked by the sun or to burn.

The word Ramida describes intense heat and dryness, often related to the environment or the weather. Ramida can also be used to express feelings of hunger and thirst. According to Islamic tradition, fasting is associated with enduring hardships and sacrificing comfort for spiritual purification.

The word Ramida is connected with the word Ramadan because it is observed during a time of the year when it is hot and dry in numerous parts of the world. The purpose of fasting during Ramadan reflects discipline and self-control regardless of the challenges. Additionally, the significance of Ramadan is linked with purifying oneself through devotion and sacrifice for God. For this reason, Ramadan not only represents a month of the Islamic calendar but also highlights Islam’s challenges and rewards.

Significance of Ramadan

Since Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, it has immense significance for Muslims worldwide. Ramadan is a time for spiritual growth, self-reflection, and heightened devotion.

It is worth noting Ramadan is a pillar of Islam, which serves as the basic acts of worship mandatory on Muslims. Observing Ramadan is an integral part of the Islamic faith and is considered vital for strengthening the relationship between man and his Creator. Moreover, Ramadan is also a time for the Muslim community to unite, encouraging them to break their fasts together and carry out acts of charity with humility.

The primary purpose of Ramadan is for Muslims to achieve self-discipline and gain a deeper insight into the lives of less fortunate people. By abstaining from food and drink when the the morning light fills the entire sky, known as “sub-e-Saadiq,” to sunset, Muslims learn to control their desires and focus on worshipping God. Fasting also reminds Muslims that they should be thankful to God for his infinite blessings, thus ensuring they learn to be grateful no matter the circumstances.

Ramadan is a time of spiritual renewal and growth, and since the gates of Hell are closed, and the gates of Heaven are opened, Muslims have greater access to God’s forgiveness and mercy. Muslims are encouraged to do good deeds and carry out acts of charity to please God. Most importantly, Muslims must recite the Holy Quran to understand its lessons to live better lives to have a place in Heaven.


The traditional and religious obligations observed during Ramadan are a celebration. They should be considered a chore because if not for God’s love and mercy, humanity would have fallen prey to ignorance. Fortunately, God revealed the Holy Quran as the final and complete message for humanity to protect themselves from falling astray from the path of righteousness.

53 thoughts on “What does Ramadan Mean?

    1. Month of Allah .keep fast and stay away from the things that are prohibited during fast.fasting not only means staying hungry or thirsty but the whole body should refrain from haram

    2. Ramadan is the blessed month
      May Allah Subhanavatala bless this month to all with happiness, prosperity and healthy
      Aameen ya Rabbul Alameen

        1. Personalising ramadhan’s impact is vital.
          It should enhance spiritual growth, emotional restraints and physical discipline.
          Training ground for the rest of 11 months of the year. If I can avoid halal food meal and halal intimate, make peace with the environment during this holy month, what about haraam stuffs even after ramadhan? The only way to make the most of the month is to reconnect with the Qur’an and more importantly to contemplate every single ayah you study.
          May Almighty Allah make us to reconnect with the Qur’an.
          Do not underestimate sharing Islamic message to human beings within your reach.

  1. Alhamdulillah!!! I’m proud to be a Muslim. May Allah grant us jannah InshaAllah. May Allah reward us with good fii dunia wal akhera yaa rabbi. Shukran for teaching me what I never knew.

    1. The month of Ramadan is the month of mercy, forgiveness, and liberation from Hellfire. Our Lord made fasting to strengthen the soul and its ability to dispense

  2. Masha Allah this is good explanation about, what’s Ramadan mean?
    I have got important information meaning of Ramadan rather than month & the importance of it’s for Muslim ummah.

  3. 🍁.. Mubarak Ramadan ..🍁

    The month of the revelation of the Qur’an, the month of increasing the taste of worship, the month of the return of mercy, the month of blessing in sustenance..Bring your heart and soul closer to allah🤲🕋

  4. Ramadan Shahrul quranul Kareem, wa shahrul Rahma. May Allah accept our sawm, salat, du’a wa kheyr a’emalina inshaAllah 🤲🤲🤲

  5. Precisely explained!
    May we gain Allâh’s pleasure in this holy month of Ramadan, our fasts ➰ worship accepted!

  6. I am a revert and this is my first Ramadan feeling ok a little bit lighter on my feet can’t explain it just enjoying being a Muslim Alhamdulillah

  7. Ramadan is the mouth of blessings of God. we should read Quran. May Allah’s pleasure in this holy mouth, our festsand worship accepted! Ameen

  8. Aselam aleykum werametulah .Under the title Singnificance of Ramadan at the beginning the author said “since Islam” I think it should be “since Ramadan”

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