How To Do Istinja?

Islam is a religion that places great emphasis on keeping oneself clean and pure. Islam has provided many methods for purification from different states of uncleanliness. One such method is the method of istinja.

Istinja is an Arabic term and refers to the process of cleaning the urethra and rectum after urination or defecation. Istinja is obligatory in Islam, as it is the process of removing najasat (impurity). This blog will discuss the method of istinja for men and women, examine the hadiths that talk about istinja, and explore other topics related to this process.

The Method Of Istinja

For Men

Whenever one goes to relieve themselves in the bathroom, washing the private parts after that is important. No drop of urine must remain; if that is the case, one should squeeze gently or cough to achieve complete purity.

For Women

After relieving themselves, women should take a utensil full of water in their right hand, take the middle finger of their left hand, and clean the private parts with it. It is important to ensure that no impurity remains in the private parts.

What To Use For Istinja?

Depending on the availability of the materials, here are a couple of items that can be used for istinja, such as:

Cleansing Stone

It is a sunnah to use cleaning stones to do istinja. The method for this is to wipe with a cleaning stone three times. The direction for wiping should be from front to back (from the pubic region to the rectum), as this will eliminate the chances of the impurity spreading around the front area.


Cleaning with water is preferred, as it will remove the impurities that may be missed due to unintended ignorance. The method with water is to pour it on the private parts while rubbing them until they are impurities-free.

Container Of Water For Istinja

Any container can be used for the water of istinja as long as it is pure and contains no impurities. Common among them are lotas, bidets, and Muslim showers.

Best Method

The best method of doing istinja is to combine both stone and water. First, wipe with a stone, then pour water on the impurity and rub it until it is removed. Make sure to use the left hand while cleaning the private parts. But if someone has no water, it is okay to use a cleaning stone.

What Can Be Used To Do Istinja?

Apart from other stones and water, other things can be used to do istinja, such as a cloth or any other material, in case water or stone are unavailable. The main thing to remember is that istinja should be done with something tahir (pure).

What Can’t Be Used To Do Istinja?

There are two categories when it comes to things that can’t be used to do istinja. First, some things are makrooh (disliked) to use, and the other category is things that are forbidden to use.


  • The food of a man or animal
  • Baked bricks
  • Pottery
  • Charcoal
  • Velvet or cotton (or other pieces of value)


There are two things that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) has forbidden us from using to do istinja.

Animal Bones

In a hadith, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “do not perform istinja with bones, because indeed they are the provision of your brothers among the creatures of jinns. ”  Therefore, it is forbidden to use bones for istinja.

Animal Dung

In the same hadith, our Prophet recommended not to use the dung of an animal for istinja because it is also the food of the jinns.

Prophet Muhammad On Istinja

Several hadiths describe how Prophet Muhammad used to do istinja. Let’s take a look at them below.

Rubbing Hand On Ground

In a hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah RA, he said that the Prophet PBUH used to rub his hand on the ground after performing istinja.

Prohibited By The Prophet PBUH

A hadith mentioned that the Prophet Muhammad forbade facing the Qibla when urinating and defecating, performing istinja with the right hand, using less than three stones when performing istinja, and using dung or bones for istinja. 

Forbidden To Use

In another hadith, the Prophet Muhammad forbade Muslims to turn their backs to the Qibla while urinating or defecating. He also forbade using decaying bones and the right hand for istinja.

How Do You Deal With Waswas?

The term waswas refers to baseless doubts that may enter a person’s mind during the process of istinja. Waswas is not only limited to istinja but can trouble a person during the purification process. These thoughts can take the following shapes:

  • If you have poured water all over the private parts.
  • Maybe some splashes of urine have tainted your skin or clothes.
  • Maybe the water didn’t wash all the impurities off. (As a result, you keep using more water than necessary).

One thing to keep in mind is that the main source of all these thoughts is Satan. Therefore, to protect yourself from these thoughts, first recite dua when entering and leaving the bathroom.

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