How To Pray Tahajjud?

In Islam, Tahajjud is a Nafl prayer deemed extremely important due to its rewards and blessings. Derived from the Arabic language, Tahajjud means to “keep vigil.” Numerous hadiths and Quranic verses emphasize the importance of tahajjud. This blog will discuss the virtues of the Tahajjud prayer, including how and when to pray this salat.

Tahajjud: A Way To Mercy

The ultimate aim of every Muslim is to work towards his afterlife and gain Allah SWT’s mercy and closeness. Praying Tahajjud achieves all of these goals.

The Prophet Muhammad said that Allah comes down every night to the lowest heaven when one-third of the early part of the night has passed and says that He is the Lord, He is the Lord. Who is there to pray to him so that He may answer him? Who is there to beg him so that he may grant it? Who is there to beg for forgiveness so that He may forgive him? And he continues like this until the day breaks. (i.e., dawn arrives)

The profound knowledge of the fact that Allah descends to the lowest heaven every night and waits for human beings to wake up and ask him whatever their heart’s desire highlights the sacredness of this prayer and declares this salah as the time when one can directly communicate with the Lord and seek his ultimate guidance.

In Quran 17:79, Allah SWT states, ‘Rise in the last part of the night and offer additional prayers (i.e., tahajjud) so that He may raise you to a pedestal of praise.’’ This verse underscores the importance of praying tahajjud. It also mentions the ‘pedestal of praise’ where the prayer of Tahajjud will be placed.

When To Pray Tahajjud?

Tahajjud, also referred to as Qiyam al-layl or the night prayer is prayed during the third part of the night before the time for fajr prayer begins. Although the ‘third part of the night’ is different for everyone, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Calculate the total time between the prayers of Isha and Fajr.
  2. Divide this amount of time into three equal portions.
  3. The third portion is the third part of the night.

How To Pray Tahajjud?

The Tahajjud prayer is like any other prayer. Starting with wudu and then praying two rakats with the intention (niyat), of Tahajjud. Although two rakats are sufficient for the prayer, one should perform as many rakats as Allah SWT wills. According to the sunnah of the Holy Prophet, one should pray the witr of the Isha after the Tahajjud prayer, hence finishing his prayer at an odd number. But if one has prayed witr with the Isha prayer, there is no need to repeat it.

Sleeping Before Tahajjud

Common tradition states that one should sleep before performing Tahajjud, but this is not a religious obligation but rather done to reap more benefits. Because when one leaves sleep for Allah, he is given more rewards. But if one hasn’t been able to sleep, praying Tahajjud is completely permissible.

One Third Of Night

The Holy Prophet PBUH used to pray Tahajjud in the third part of the night and encouraged his companions to do the same. Many scholars also recommend praying Tahajjud in the third part of the night. However, one can pray Tahajjud at any time in the night.

Witr and Tahajjud

Although it is a sunnah to pray witr with Tahajjud, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that if one fears they will not wake up at the end of the night, they can pray witr with the Isha prayer.

Benefits Of Tahajjud

  • It helps to develop a closer and more sacred connection with Allah.
  • Provides support in the face of adversity and suffering.
  • Brings blessings into one’s life.
  • Guarantees inner peace and a strong resolve against wickedness.
  • Provides a time when one can talk to Allah without any distractions.
  • Highlights a time in which duas are accepted.

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    1. *According to my knowledge*
      •The time for Tahajud begins about 5 minutes after Isha and ends about 5 minutes before Fajr.
      •You can pray in any time between that gap.

  1. Am someone who find it difficult to wake up, after sleeping, so if I had plan to fast or pray tahajjud I would not sleep. Is that alright

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