Who is Jesus in Islam?

There is hardly anyone that does not know of Jesus, but people do not know that Jesus plays a pivotal role in Islam. Jesus is referred to as Prophet Isa (Peace Be Upon Him), and he is mentioned over a hundred times in the Holy Quran. While people know about Jesus of Nazareth, let’s look at who Prophet Isa is from the perspective of Islam.

The Story of Jesus in Islam

According to the Holy Quran and the hadith of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him), Jesus was related to Prophets Solomon, David, and Jacob (Peace Upon Them). Jesus was born to Mary, but he had no father. Jesus was a miracle child born to Mary without a father by the will of God. (The Holy Quran 3:42-47)

While many spewed vile rumors against the virgin Mary for birthing Jesus. With God’s permission, baby Jesus defended his mother, spoke about his miracle birth and informed people of his mission as God’s messenger. (The Holy Quran 19:29-33).

From his birth, Prophet Isa (Peace be Upon Him) was capable of numerous miracles. Apart from being able to speak as a newborn to defend his mother and to inform people of his message, Jesus was capable of healing the sick, reviving the dead, and curing the blind. It is worth noting that Jesus could perform these miracles with God’s permission and did not take any credit for them.

During his youth, Jesus remained devoted to serving his mother and proved wise and intelligent. When Jesus came of age, he pursued his mission as God’s messenger and preached to the Israelites. He traveled the land and preached wherever he could. Jesus was given the scripture, Injeel (The Gospel), and he confirmed the previous holy books.

Jesus taught how to overcome hate and anger and emphasized being devoted to God for a blessed and peaceful life here and hereafter. Jesus led a pious and simple life as God’s prophet, attracting followers that would become his disciples, including John, Peter, and Barnabas.

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The Plot Against Jesus

Since Jesus was successful in spreading God’s message, his enemies grew. Jesus threatened the leaders and priests of the Israelites because their livelihood, wealth, and status depended on being the sole wardens of religion. These envious and hateful men pursued Jesus and his followers, persecuting them whenever given the opportunity. Eventually, they plotted to crucify Jesus on a Roman cross.

Unfortunately, for the plotting men, God would never leave his believers without aid, let alone his messenger. While the plotting men believed they crucified Jesus, God protected his messenger and saved him by raising him to himself, as mentioned in the Holy Quran. (The Holy Quran 4:175-158).

Jesus the Son of God?

After God saved Jesus and raised him to himself, his followers attempted to ensure the authenticity of his teachings. Unfortunately, the original message was lost with time, and numerous other beliefs popped up, such as the Trinity and Jesus being the son of God. Jesus never claimed to be God or the son of God. While some Christians do not believe Jesus to be the literal son of God, they are few.

It is worth noting that Jesus always claimed to be God’s messenger and was sent with the scripture to serve and guide his nation. Muslims believe in Jesus, his scripture (the original texts that are now lost), and his miracles, but they do not believe in his crucifixion or being God or his son.

The Return of Jesus

As mentioned earlier, God raised Jesus to protect him from his plotters, meaning he never died. Since Jesus never died, Islamic schools of thought believe he will return physically, descending from the heavens to combat the Antichrist. Upon defeating the Antichrist, Jesus will live peacefully for forty years after establishing Islam as God’s religion. Moreover, Jesus will even get married and have children, and he will be buried next to Prophet Muhammad upon his death.

Remember, according to the Quran, Islam started with Prophet Adam and was concluded by Prophet Muhammad, meaning all the prophets were Muslims. Since Islam means submitting to the will of Allah, while the word Muslim means submission, a believer will understand why the religion is true and how God is the only one worthy of worship.

Hopefully, this blog has provided a better perspective on Jesus and his importance in Islam. Muslims believe in Jesus and all the prophets that came before, and there are no exceptions.

19 thoughts on “Who is Jesus in Islam?

  1. If Jesus and Prophet Isa (PBUH) was, technically speaking, the same person, why was Jesus not called Isa (vice versa) just as Adam was called Adam by different faith, Abraham was called Ibrahim ( which is not far off), similarly, David was called Daud and among others, Zechariah was called Zakaria?

    1. The letter j did not come into the alphabet until 1524 up until that time. The letter J is considered the same as the I, which is why Jesus could not have been called Jesus and would’ve been called Isa

      1. U r correct bro I hope the bra that had that question got some understanding out of that n do his own research

    2. Jesus and Prophet Isa (PBUH) are the same person, but their names are different because they come from different languages and cultures. The name “Jesus” comes from the Greek name “Iēsous,” which is a transliteration of the Hebrew name “Yeshua,” meaning “salvation” or “deliverance.” On the other hand, the name “Isa” comes from the Arabic name “ʿĪsā,” which is a variation of the name “Yeshua” and has the same meaning.

      The use of different names for the same person in different languages and cultures is a common practice. It is often done to make the name more pronounceable or to reflect the cultural context. For example, in the Bible, Abraham is also referred to as Abram, and Jacob is also referred to as Israel.

      Similarly, in the Islamic tradition, many prophets are referred to by names that are similar to their names in other traditions. For example, Prophet Abraham is referred to as Ibrahim, Prophet David as Dawud, and Prophet Zechariah as Zakariya.

      In summary, the different names for Jesus and Prophet Isa (PBUH) are simply a reflection of the languages.

    3. it would be better known to the people who named Isa as Jesus. cuz in Arabic this is Isa which is also mentioned in Quran. who later named him Jesus is still unknown or maybe it is mentioned in the old testament which are lost now. Allah knows better.

      1. Thank you for writing this amazing blog it was really interesting but I got really confused when you kept saying Jesus it would be more understandable if you would just write prophet Isa (Peace Be Upon Him) instead of writing Jesus and for people who didn’t understand basically Jesus and Isa (Peace Be Upon Him) are the same person when prophet Isa (Peace Be Upon Him) used to use him miracles people thought that he was god or son of god so when Isa(Peace Be Upon Him) died people made a book which now called as THE BIBLE telling that he is son of god that is just nonsense may allah give them hidayath and forgive everyone for their sins Ameen summa Ameen that for reading and I hope my comment helped you understand the meaning. Thank you💗💗☪️

    4. Akhi Asalamu aleykum. The Aramaic name of Jesus is Esau. The letter J is not amongst that letter of the Aramaic language (Language of Jesus). Subtract the J you got Esus . Now, the S at the end of words was a common use of the Roman’s such names include as Augusts, Hercules, and even names like Barnabas Cepheus where changed to sound more “Roman”. Now we got the word Esu that’s getting more similar to isa isnt it. Now simply the correct pronunciation of the word is Esau and Isa is the word Esau in Arabic. What’s crazy is that Isa Alayhisalaam never heard anyone call him Jesus on his time at Earth. It was after his Ascension that he gained more European followers and you could say they “White Washed” his name. Hope this helps!

    5. In the Arabic language it is pronounced like this. for example God and Allah is the same meaning but not the same word. It’s like that in a different language.

  2. As faithful Muslim we firmly believe the
    1) return of Jesus as mentioned in Holy Quran
    2) Jesus or Isa is the Son of Maryam ( Mariam)
    Then it may be the curiosity to know more but refusing to believe these basic two things is Un Islamic We shall be careful

  3. Wow I love this, Alhamdulillah that I am a Muslim
    I love hearing something this it’s good for the health and is good to know the difference better

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