What Is Taqwa?

You are alone and want to listen to songs, but you don’t. Why? Because you know that even though you are alone, Allah is always watching you. This is Taqwa, the acknowledgment and realization that Allah is always watching over you, no matter where you are. When Prophet PBUH was asked why people were most admitted to paradise, he answered: Taqwa and good character.

Taqwa is much more important than many other qualities that a person may possess. This blog will delve deep into Taqwa’s meaning and other useful information.

Taqwa: An Attitude

The most common word that you will find in the English language for Taqwa is either piety or god-fearing. But the real meaning of Taqwa is much deeper than that.

Taqwa is an Islamic term from the word waqaya, which means protection or prevention. In this sense, the word Taqwa is a term that means protection and prevention from bad deeds.

This word doesn’t mean fear of Allah because fear of someone excludes the possibility of respect and love. But this fear is the fear of disappointing Allah; it means fearing disobedience and losing his blessings.

Taqwa isn’t just a term consisting of a few words but rather an attitude that a Muslim adopts to gain the pleasure of Allah in the dunya and hereafter.

Taqwa and Allah

The word Taqwa isn’t mentioned directly in the Quran, but numerous verses have been worded in such a way that their meaning includes the attitude of Taqwa. In many verses, this word signifies a beautiful and sacred relationship between a Muslim and Allah SWT.

Avoiding Evil

For example, in Surah Imran, Allah says that whoever remains mindful of their actions and avoids evil, Allah loves them.

Following Allah, SWT

Or when, in another verse, Allah is telling the Prophet PBUH to tell humanity that if they sincerely love Allah, they should follow him. And Allah will love them and forgive their sins, as he is the most merciful.

These verses signify Allah’s loving and merciful nature and how we should strive to be our best selves to protect our faith.

Taqwa and Muhammad PBUH

The word Taqwa has been directly mentioned in numerous hadiths. From mentioning it as a good characteristic to stating that it is the reason for entry into paradise, many hadiths state the importance of Taqwa.

Taqwa, wherever you are

In a hadith, Abu Dhar narrated that the Prophet Muhammad PBUH told him to have Taqwa wherever he is, follow a bad deed with a good one to wipe the bad deed out, and treat people decently.

Taqwa and kinship

In another hadith, Ibn ‘Umar said that whoever has Taqwa and maintains ties of kinship, his life will be prolonged, his wealth will be plenty, and his family will love him.

How Do You Attain Taqwa?

Now, after learning in depth about Taqwa, the first question that comes to mind is: how do we attain Taqwa?

If you are a Muslim, then congratulations; you already possess Taqwa. But if you find yourself asking, how do I strengthen my Taqwa? Then these tips below will help you increase your Taqwa and strengthen your relationship with Allah SWT.

Ask Yourself

Since the central idea of Taqwa is to do deeds that gain the pleasure of Allah SWT and avoid deeds, the quickest way to increase your Taqwa is to stop before doing anything and ask yourself if this would harm your faith. Doing this ensures that whatever you are doing won’t have a bad consequence or action, even if that action seems good.

Higher than anyone

In the Quran, Allah SWT says that the most noble of you in the eyes of Allah is the most righteous among you.

One of the tips for increasing Taqwa is never to consider that you are better than anyone else. We should always remember that everyone is equal in the eyes of Allah SWT, and the person who looks like they are not following every rule of Islam might be closer to Allah SWT as compared to many other people.

The only distinction that makes someone better than anyone else is their devotion to their religion and the level of their righteousness.

Remembering Death

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said to frequently remember the destroyer of pleasures, which is death. Remembering death throughout the day is the ultimate option, which brings everything to a stop and makes you question every single deed you have committed during the day. It also ensures that one stays away from bad things, increasing your Taqwa.

Learning about Islam

Prophet PBUH said that whoever learns the religion is a good man; if people need him, he benefits them. Still, if people ignore him, he enriches himself, i.e., with religious exercises and study.

Learning about Islam has numerous benefits. Even if you study your religion for fifteen minutes a day, it will do you more good than you can imagine. There are many stories about Prophet PBUH, his companions, the mercy of Allah SWT, and so much more that will make you fall in love with Islam.


All in all, Taqwa is a beautiful thing that makes us aware of our every action, ensures that we attain the pleasure of Allah SWT, and makes us steadfast in the face of adversity.

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